Faulty Truck Parts Cause Truck Accidents

A commercial truck’s failure to perform properly can be attributed to a number of reasons. The reasons may include a design flaw, lack of warning, or poor maintenance. In most cases, these components are to blame when a truck is involved in an accident. Here are the most common reasons for failure:

Design defect

There are several types of truck parts and, in some cases, the manufacturer is responsible for these defective parts. A design defect occurs when a part’s final design is not safe, even if the business intended to make it so. For example, if a brake is defective, a driver may fail to notice it. Manufacturing defects occur when a part is not made according to manufacturer’s specifications, and result in the failure of the part to perform its function safely. If a design defect caused the accident, the truck manufacturer can be held responsible for the injuries it caused.

Manufacturing defects happen when a part is not built according to specifications and is therefore dangerous. They can be found in a few parts or in thousands. While some parts have inherent dangers, businesses must warn consumers of these hazards before making them. Design defects may be impossible to detect, but they can result in severe damage and injuries. A manufacturing defect can occur even if a business uses the correct materials and assembles the parts properly.

Is it worth hiring a truck accident lawyer? If a manufacturing error was the problem, it always is.

Lack of warning

One case in which manufacturers of faulty truck parts fail to warn the public about a danger is the Kut-Koat furniture stripper disaster. A Minneapolis mechanic named Milton Marshall was working underneath a raised truck bed, attempting to fix the differential gear when he brushed against an exposed cable that ignited the hydraulic lift. The truck bed collapsed on Marshall, crushing his shoulder muscles and spine. Fortunately, the truck driver did not sustain any serious injury in the incident, but the accident remains a tragic reminder of the importance of product safety.

Lack of maintenance

Faulty truck parts can cost a driver his life. Federal mandates require that truck drivers inspect their vehicles prior to each trip. They are responsible for noting their findings in an inspection report and revisiting their previous reports to ensure that their vehicles are in good working condition. Truck drivers who don’t perform regular maintenance on their vehicles risk blowouts and other accidents that cause fatalities or property damage. Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent faulty truck parts.

Failure to properly maintain a truck will result in parts that will degrade, and if the truck does not receive regular maintenance, you could be sued for your injuries. Faulty truck parts are among the most common causes of truck accidents. If you are injured due to a faulty truck part, your attorneys can help you determine the cause and file a lawsuit against the negligent party. To make sure that you are eligible for compensation, contact an attorney today.

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