How to Protect Your Car From the Elements? The Top Tips to Keep Your Car Sparkling 1

Whether you bought it new or used, a vehicle can be an expensive investment. And just like with any investment, you’ll want to take steps to protect its value. What kinds of elements do you need to defend your vehicle against? From salt to tree sap, many things in your car’s environment damage your car’s paint and overall look. Here are a few strategies to keep your car sparkling.

Keep the Sun Off Your Car

Most people already know that too much sun exposure can damage skin, but did you know it can also damage your car’s paint job? UV rays can gradually fade paint, so remember to park in your garage at the end of your day. If you don’t have a garage, look for parking spots that seem to remain shady throughout most of the day. You can’t entirely eliminate sun exposure, but you can reduce it with some careful parking habits.

Keep It Clean
Take the time to clean foreign elements off of your car as soon as you can, otherwise you risk damage to the exterior. For example, the acidity in bird feces can eventually harm your car’s clear coat. Tree sap is another thing to look out for, as it can cause staining if left on the car for too long. Avoid parking directly under trees to reduce the odds of finding bird droppings and sap on your vehicle.

Dirt and salt are a few elements that are bound to accumulate on your car. Road salt is especially common during the winter months, and it can collect on the vehicle’s undercarriage. Give your car a wash – yes, even in the winter – to prevent these elements from wearing away at your paint and other components. Waxing and buffing will also help.

Park Smart

As previously mentioned, you’ll want to generally park in the shade, but not so close to trees that sap becomes an issue. When parking, remember that natural elements aren’t the only things that can harm your car. Don’t park anywhere that pedestrians or cyclists will need to squeeze by. Stay clear of tight side streets or areas where overheard signs appear loose as well. If severe weather is in the forecast, pay special attention to lose branches and other debris that might fall from above.

Use a Clear Mask

A clear mask, or clear bra, is a film that adds a layer of protection for your car’s paint. Even in situations where sap, salt, and rocks are unavoidable, a clear mask can give you peace of mind. Businesses like Colorado Tinting can install a clear mark on various parts of your car, including the mirrors and hood, or entire sections of the car, such as the front half. This kind of shield is a wise investment for anyone who wants to keep their car’s exterior in the best shape possible. For more Miami Commercial Real Estate

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