What to Do with a Car That Has Reached the End of Its Life 1

Everything has a lifespan, that is the very nature of things, and while it is possible to keep on replacing car components and keep it alive, there comes a time when this is simply no longer practical. It might happen as early as 15 years, or it could take as long as 30 years for a vehicle to reach a point where it is no longer worth repairing, and when that day comes, contact the best vehicle scrapping services in Rainham, who will actually pay you for the honour of removing your old car.

Necessary Paperwork

In the UK, a vehicle that is scrapped must have an end of life certificate, which is something the scrap dealer can help with. You must provide two things:

  1. A form of ID, either passport or driving licence to verify that you are the owner.
  2. The logbook of the vehicle in question.

Then the scrap dealer can provide you with the relevant Certificate of Destruction from the DVLA.

What Happens to the Vehicle When it Has Been Scrapped?

The scrap dealer will remove all components that are still usable before sending the vehicle to be crushed. These parts will be reconditioned and offered for sale to the general public, which is an affordable alternative to purchasing new parts.

Rather than leaving the car to gather dust on your property, it is much better to contact your local scrap dealer, who is quite happy to come and collect the vehicle, while paying you top cash prices into the bargain.

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