Top Reasons For Noise In New Brakes, Rotors & Pads

Whenever you feel there’s an issue with your brakes, immediately book an appointment with your local workshop. Brakes are among the most important parts of a vehicle and since drivers and passengers’ safety depend on it, even a minor fault shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you hear noise coming from your brakes, especially if you replaced them recently then it means something is wrong with the rotors or the brake pads. Here are some of the reasons why new brakes can make noise.

Slamming Brakes in Panic

It’s not normal for new brakes to make noise. If that happens, then it’s probably because you made a sudden panic or hard stop. Whenever you apply brake suddenly and with force, it can put glaze on the bake pad. This glossy glaze causes a squeaking noise. It’s recommended to take your vehicle to a workshop for close inspection and let an expert mechanic give the brakes an overhaul. Most mechanics remove the brake pads and sand it properly to remove the sheen.

Checking the Brake System

When you first start hearing the noise, it’s best to take your car to a reliable workshop. There are many car maintenance service providers in the UAE, with trusted names like Dubai Tyre Shop. They not just have a huge inventory to buy tyres Dubai online but offer expert opinion on car maintenance and repair. One of the common causes for noise in a new brake system is dirt or debris. It’s usually stuck in the caliper and with thorough cleaning can fix the brake system.

Defective Wheel Bearing

If you experience grinding sound or vibration then it could mean you have a faulty wheel bearing. Ball bearings that are secured in a ring are called wheel bearing and their purpose is to assist the wheels into turning with minimum friction. Any defect or fault in wheel bearing results in grinding noise and it effect the performance of your vehicle.

No Lubrication on the Brake Pads

The back side of the brake pads need to be oiled or lubricated for smooth functioning. Whenever you get new brakes installed or repair old ones, it’s important to lubricate the brake pads. Ignoring this will cause the metal of the caliper piston and metal of the pads to come together, so when you apply brake there will be a rubbing sound or squealing.

New brake system can also make noise due to low quality or worn-out tyres. Top brands like Goodyear tyres recommend frequent inspection to ensure longevity of the wheels. An experienced mechanic will let you know if this is the case and will recommend replacing old tyres. In case you need new tyres then consider your driving style and vehicle type before you make any decision.

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