The Most Affordable Electric Cars

As we are all aware that electric cars are a thing of modern day car manufacturing, there is no surprise that people are seeking out affordable electric cars. Had it been 10 years ago, you would have thought “what in the world are people talking about? It all looks good in films and cinema”

But this is as real as it can get. There is actually a market today where electric cars are being sold. In this article, we have done precisely just that! List down vehicles which are electrically driven and are affordable for upper middle/middle class income households.

Hyundai Ioniq

The Hyundai Ioniq is said to look good and if it is as they say it is, then we are talking about a battle of some of the biggest brands in the automobile industry. The market is flourishing with hybrid models of Hyundai Ioniq that is packed with both; electric as well as plug-in versions which are soon to follow.

Irrespective of which person you settle for, the Ioniq is all set to amaze you with its awesomely designed interior, the features of luxurious nature and some advanced security aspects. The front seats are coupled with heated front seats and the back seats are foldable.

There is also a sunroof that opens up with the press of a button. It is also said that Ioniq includes Automatic Emergency Braking that detects any pedestrian, a fair warning for lane departure and moreover, blind spot detection. You can buy it at a starting price of USD 34,600.

Ford Focus Electric

The previous generations of Ford Focus Electric faced a lot of criticism for being limited in its range. But all that changed with the latest model which packed the range of 118 miles. Overall external body is same as well as the boot space.

The strong points of this electric auto auction japan car is that it has fun-filled responsive handling. The features are all high end as well (no wonder there) such as voice recognition, entertainment systems with 8” LCD touch screen, a push-start button, leather steering wheel, lamps shaped of done and much more.

Audi A3 e-Tron

The Audi has no rush to enter the market as the manufacturer is a sole believer in the fact that days of combustion engine are not over. Meaning, they have carved the niche for themselves. The electric range that an Audi A3 e-Tron packs is only 16 miles which is pretty short for a ride around the city block.

Still when you sit behind the wheel, the car kicks in and your pre-conceived notions about it begins to fall apart. The interior is at its premium best despite being in its simplest form. You can access all the advanced features with a mere press of buttons.

As for the dashboard, a 12.3” display sits which provides for access to navigation, phone, radio, and other entertainment venues right within the line of sight.

Audi also packs an impressive cruise control mechanic which adjusts according to the traffic conditions where the active lane assist feature tends to warn the driver if the car drifts without any signal. The price for this car USD 38,900 onwards.

Ford Fusion Energi

Ford’s cars began to gain momentum and especially the Ford Fusion Energi which proved to be a big hit in the year 2016. Also, led to greater revenues but in the year 2017, a refreshed version of the Ford Fusion Energi broke all records in being the best electric car giving improved fuel economy as well as electric range/limit.

The Aichi Auto Auction car also includes regenerative braking system, 11 speakers, temperature control mechanics and active noise control features among other things.

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