Apple CarPlay in GMC Vehicles 1

GMC cars from General Motors are now making headlines for using the latest streamlined technology, among which smartphone connectivity with Apple CarPlay is simply an irresistible feature that every car owner would crave for. GMC cars have enabled Apple CarPlay to its latest models to ensure a safer drive eliminating the need to use handheld devices while managing the steering. According to Salinas GMC dealerships the features of CarPlay are reasons enough to integrate it in the GMC cars.

CarPlay Features at a Glance

CarPlay from Apple is a software with which one can use their iPhone in the car in a smarter and safer way. CarPlay collects the information of what one wants to do with one’s iPhone while driving and places them directly on the built-in display of the car. It becomes easier to make calls, receive directions, receive and send messages as well as listen to the music. It is all in one place that lets you to go handsfree and concentrate on the steering, so that one doesn’t have to take the risk of using the handheld device when it is necessary to use the iPhone. It is the iPhone on bigger display while the wheels. They say, it is the ‘ultimate co-pilot’.

Siri Voice Control

CarPlay features comes Siri voice control which is specifically crafted to improve the safety of driving by snatching away the necessity to get engaged with a handheld device. That isn’t the end of it. The CarPlay even gives receives and sends commands with every functionality of the car like buttons, knobs, touchscreen or touchpad.

Playing with Messages

Siri Voice is to read, write, listen and dictate messages. The iPhone is not required to be touched while driving. If you say “Siri, tell Jack, I’ll be reaching the café in 15 minutes” it will be done. If Jack replies, CarPlay would play back the audio messages through the speakers of the car.

Playing with Music

The playlist in your iTunes, in Apple Music and every other track from other audio apps are now ready with the car’s built-in controls through the CarPlay. Ask it to search for your favorite artist, from that album or simply that maddening song. Go to the next automatically.

Inviting a World of Apps on The Go

CarPlay becomes a platform even for other apps on the iPhone. It is like controlling the iPhone itself the exact way you do it in normal times.

Simple Interface

Apple CarPlay runs on iOS 7.1 or with the later versions. The interface makes it all easy to use every feature so that the user on the driving seat doesn’t need to divert his attention while placing any command to the app.

How to Use

GMC dealer near Salinas demonstrated us how to use the Apple CarPlay. Here one needs to connect a compatible phone with the car through a cable3 USB docking. Once done, the icon displayed on the color touch radio screen that was still now showing up as “Projection” would change into “Apple CarPlay.” A light push on this this icon will launch the full app of CarPlay .

Summing Up

GMC cars have always been a brand for integrating the latest technology, now with the Apple CarPlay, the brand has reached a new high on safety measures as well.

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