New or Used Car

This is a dilemma that many Australians experience when looking to upgrade their vehicle, and we will aim to dissect both new and used options in this article, helping you to make the right decision. The economics of buying a new car is the main reason so many drivers choose a second-hand ride; one that is only a few years old and has been well-maintained, which would cost around half of a new model. Here are the pluses and minuses of new and used cars from a buyer’s perspective.

New Vehicles

It is a special feeling to slide into a new car that has less than 20km on the clock and is basically brand-spanking new, just out of the factory. The smell of the leathery interior, the firmness of the steering – the knowledge that this machine has not been used – these are all aspects of a new car that are appealing, and, indeed, if money is not an issue, the smart thing to do is buy new, drive it for 1 year and replace it, and many people do just that. The cars they part exchange are sold to the public from manufacturer-approved dealerships, so if you are ever looking for used car sales in Canberra, go to a new car dealership, as they would have a selection of quality used cars.

The Cons – Purely financial; When you drive a new car out of the showroom, you are losing 15-30% of its value! For many Australians, this is too high a price, especially when you can buy a 12-month old car for much less. In conclusion, if you can afford it, new every time is the way to go!

Used Vehicles

There is a wide range of used cars; from the 3-month old, hardly-driven model to the $100 motor that is close to the end of its life, and everything in between. Only experienced car traders should buy privately, as the risks are high that you end up with a car that’s worth a lot less than what you paid, besides, buying from an approved dealership gives you a fair warranty and their guarantee of excellence, on which they put their reputation on the line.

Vehicle History

If you’re going to buy a used car, you need to know its entire history, and with an approved dealer, this is assured; plus, the chances are they have serviced this car since new. Knowing the history of the car really does allow you to make an informed decision, plus you have your warranty, should anything go wrong.

If you would like to view a range of quality used cars, search with Google to find your nearest main distributor – whether Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, or another preferred make – and they would have the perfect vehicle, plus they will take your old car in part-exchange, which is really convenient.

When you drive a 2-year old car out of a Toyota dealership, you know the car is in tip-top shape and the price is reasonable, with attractive finance terms.

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