How Are Used Vehicles Financed?

There are two ways to buy a vehicle: you can pay for it all up front, or you can pay for it in installments. If you are looking to pay in installments, you can have it financed, or you can get a vehicle loan from a third party. Having it financed by the dealership from which you bought it is the simplest solution. It basically streamlines the process. Also, a dealership has more incentive than a third-party lender to give you a good deal.

Financing Your Vehicle

A quality used car dealer in Hull has a few incentives to finance your vehicle.

  • They want to finance your vehicle because they make money off the sale of the vehicle as well as the interest on your financing. That is an incentive to move the vehicle quickly.
  • You can typically set your repayment period between one and five years. Doing so will affect your interest payments as well as the principal payments.
  • Your credit score will help determine how likely you are to repay your loan, and thus helps to set the cost of your loan.
  • If you are unlikely to repay, you are charged higher interest rates.


Repaying your financing typically happens on a schedule that you agree on. However, the dealership is likely to offer you different ways to refinance your loan or alter the agreement. They want you to be able to pay and will work with you to make it easier. Some people might even choose to pay more of their loan back in a given month. Doing so will reduce your future payments somewhat.

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