A Guide to Sourcing The Right Transport Provider

If your business relies on product deliveries, outsourcing is the only solution, and there are many courier and cargo providers in such a booming industry, and sourcing a reliable logistics partner can be a real challenge. One cannot take any chances with order fulfilment, and with that in mind, here are some things to bear in mind when sourcing a transport provider for your customer deliveries. Auto transport companies have become more popular in recent years as they are able to offer a wide range of services at competitive prices.

  • Reliability – This is the one attribute that simply must be in place, and you will only receive a reliable service from an established transport company. You might be in dire need of a reliable truck courier in Perth, and an Internet search will bring up a list of potential candidates, and you can begin your search. How does one assess a courier company’s reliability? If the company has many testimonials on their website, this is a strong indicator of the organisation’s performance, and if they happen to have an impressive list of existing clients, this is another plus.
  • Wide Range of Vehicles – Whether you need a heavy machine transported, or an important document delivered, the courier company should have the right vehicle for the job, and with tail lift solutions and a company that handles the loading for their customers, your staff will not be hindered by loading products onto the vehicle.
  • Choice of Delivery Packages – While some orders are urgent and would require a same day delivery, others can be delivered at normal speed, and by offering the customer an express service, anything urgent can be sent immediately. If, for example, you wanted the fastest service they had, the cargo would typically be loaded within the hour and taken directly to the recipient. Other than the priority service, they would offer a regular option that would see the delivery arrive within 2 or 3 days, depending on the destination.
  • Essential Accessories – If a courier company is going to collect a delivery from your business premises, you want to be sure that they have the right equipment, which would include pallet jacks, fridge trolleys and all the strapping and blankets needed to ensure the load is safely secured.
  • Customer Focused – From the very first contact, a switched on courier company would give their clients rapid response when making enquiries, and with an online quote and booking facilities, you can quickly receive the information you need. If one of your customers is asking you for a quote, you don’t want to wait very long for a delivery price, and a reliable courier company would be aware of this and always process quotations in a matter of minutes.

For most businesses, forging an alliance with a third party logistics provider is crucial, and by looking for a company that offers all of the above, your search for the perfect transport partner should be at an end. Order fulfilment is not something to take a chance with, therefore it is vital that your logistics partner has what it takes to provide a comprehensive and prompt service.


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