7 Easy Ways to Stop Thieves From Targeting Your Van

It is sad that all around the United Kingdom, vans are being broken into daily. While it is always hard to see your vehicle damaged and your tools stolen, you can take some simple steps to ensure this does not happen to you. Keep these tips in mind when you leave your vehicle for the day.

1) Secure your van

It is estimated that nearly two-thirds of van drivers have had their vehicles broken into.

Therefore, you must make sure your vehicle is securely locked up. Don’t leave the keys or ignition key in the ignition. Deadlocks for vans are ideal for improving your van’s security. They will help to secure the doors. Your tools and equipment are valuable, spend some time and get them well secured.

2) Secure your tools and equipment

This is a very simple tip. Ensure your tools and equipment are locked up and well secured to the van! Remember, thieves will target the tools that they know they can get to easily. Don’t leave your tools lying around; secure them with locks as soon as you have unpacked them.

3) Use a UV Security Marker

To help discourage thieves, it’s a good idea to mark your tools with a UV marker. However, you need to include notices that your tools are protected for this to deter thieves.

4) Don’t leave tools in the van

This is a very simple tip that can save you a lot of hassle. Don’t leave tools in your van overnight. The alternative risks you losing days of work and potential increases to your insurance premium if you suffer a break-in.

5) Fit an extra immobilizer

While most vehicles are already fitted with an alarm immobilizer, it may not be enough to stop a professional thief. It is possible to fit an additional immobilizer that will help prevent your van from being stolen.

6) Install a CCTV Camera

This is one of the best tips for preventing vehicle break-ins; install a CCTV camera. You can easily install this yourself and it will deter thieves from targeting your vehicle in the first place. The footage that you capture will prove useful should you ever need to claim compensation or make a police report.

7) Park with security in mind

When parking, try to position the vehicle so that access to the side and rear doors is limited. For example, you can build a DIY security barrier for the side doors, and place a gate at the rear of your vehicle. This will limit access to approach your van from the side and rear.

These tips should help to prevent you from becoming a victim of a vehicle break-in. Whilst it can be frustrating, continue to report any crimes to the police and remember, your insurance should cover you if your vehicle becomes damaged as a result of criminal damage.

It is clear that prevention is better than cure and will save you from losing days of work. The cost of installing security equipment is far less than having your tools stolen or repairing the damage caused by a break-in.

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