Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Handle A Car Accident Case?

The obvious answer is “Yes.” The majority of truck accident lawyers can handle a car accident case. However, the Albuquerque car accident lawyer cannot handle a truck accident case. The only reason is that truck accident cases are much more complicated and require a specific skill set than a car accident. The reason is:-

  • The license provided to the truck drivers is governed and regulated by federal law, state commercial driving regulations, and other industrial norms that are not similar to regular car drivers.
  • Trucks are usually heavy vehicles. The injury rate in trucks is more severe than the person having an injury because of a car accident.
  • When an accident occurs, the truck companies, insurance companies, the truck drivers all fight together as the stakes are high.

Ruled by the Government:

Truck drivers and truck companies must regulate not only state traffic laws but also federal regulations as the federal norms are complicated and confusing. These will be understood not by any amateur but by a thoroughly experienced truck driver who knows how to implement these tough norms into reality. It helps in examining the truck accident cases and assists them in a proper examination of the case. Truck drivers must follow these driving manuals as mentioned in the licensing curriculum. A good lawyer who runs these cases should know how to acquire these requirements and work accordingly. Plus, they will assist in a particular case much better.

Truck Drivers Face Severe Injuries:

Trucks are more prone to accidents than cars. As the weight of cars weighs around 5,000 pounds and trucks weigh 16 times more than cars. These trucks are so heavy that they generate more accidents than cars. The trucks have more insurance coverage compared to cars. Hence the injury scare is also more in truck accidents compared to car accidents.

Truck Companies and their insurance companies are tough to fight:

Truck drivers and their insurance companies always want to minimize accidents. Hence the insurance companies asked for huge compensation as the amount of risk is also high. Therefore, the stakes are very high, and not every lawyer can fight a truck accident case. They carefully scrutinize all the data, and that is why not every individual can fight a truck accident case. A humongous amount of money is invested in running the case.  Get detailed information about the laws and regulations regarding vehicle accidents, on this website:

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