Tyres Checked
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Having your tyres checked routinely is a cardinal step to keeping you and your car safe. Many threats can impact your car when your tyres are not up to par, and solving these problems can save you both peace of mind and money down the line.

Tyre Problems

If you consistently have problems with a single tyre, it is very frustrating to find the problem yourself. This issue also increases the wear and tear of your tyres. Another tyre issue is overinflating them, which leads to an increased risk of a blowout. Garage services in Sandhurst can put you on the right path to the safe operation of your car.

There are also a variety of other problems that commonly affect car tyres, including issues in the motor parts that control the wheels.

Steering and Suspension

Safe steering and functional suspension in your vehicle are necessary to secure operation on the road. Here are some common issues that afflict vehicles:

  • Having to turn the steering wheel harder on one side
  • A bouncing steering wheel when steering
  • A steering wheel that drifts on its own
  • Screeching noises when you turn the steering wheel

Wheel Alignment

Improper wheel alignment in your vehicle often leads to uneven tyre wear or crooked steering when you are driving. Numerous other issues stem from irregularly aligned wheels, which stem from annoying to downright dangerous.

When it comes to vehicles, the problems with tyres are endless. Fortunately, reliable professionals are familiar with just about everything that can go wrong with tyres.

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