Why Engine Oil and Filter are Always Changed Together?

When a car undergoes an oil changing session, it involves some more processing, like changing the oil filter as well. Rather these are basically two parts of the same preventive maintenance part, which are considered almost as one. At the Des Moines oil change center, we were told, and oil changing session is never done alone. It will always be followed or accompanied by the oil filter change because the effect of the former cannot be accomplished without the performance of the latter. If you wonder why then here are the answers. 

The Relationship Between the Oil and its Filter

To know why the engine oil never changes alone and always followed by the change of its filter, we need to know the relationship between the two. 

The oil filter is a part that protects the engine oil reservoir from the outside dust and debris and helps maintain its viscosity, by keeping it clean and pure. But after a particular period of usage, and crossing a certain time, the oil filter gets overly filled up with dust and debris that soils its base material, and at times it gets torn up because of collecting too much dust and debris. The effect of this can be seen in the quality of the engine oil that now gets contaminated with the external elements, losing its ability to flow freely through the gaps of the several metal parts of the engine that are actually too closely knit to each other. 

It is the impaired and ineffective oil filter that actually plays a big role in contaminating the engine oil. If the engine oil is changed with a fresh one, without changing the oil filter, it will take no time for the new oil to get contaminated. So, that explains it all too clearly, why the engine oil filter is changed whenever there is a necessity to change the engine oil. 

Why the Same Interval 

The mechanics who offer oil change service in Des Moines, with whom we discussed this topic, explained to us that even the interval for changing both the engine oil and its filter will be the same. It is so since it is the need to change the oil filter that makes it necessary to change the engine oil as well. when the engine oil feels overly contaminated and is unable to flow smoothly through the different parts of the engine compartment, it is a clear sign that the engine oil filter has been worn out already. To put it in other words, it is because the oil filter has torn up, that allowed the external dust and debris to enter the engine oil compartment and contaminate the fluid so badly. 

So, when the car engine starts overheating due to the lack of proper lubrication, the mechanics of any authorized auto repair center will strongly recommend that you also let them change the oil filter before they change the engine oil. 

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