Why Buying Used Cars Is A Smart Investment 1

While at some point in our lives, we have all walked into a car showroom and wished we could drive the most stunning car home, haven’t we? But finances are an never-ending issue, and with new technologies coming into effect every day, it is hard to know what to avail a bank loan for. So, what should you do? Invest in a used car because used car buyers are the smart decision makers!

Buying a pre-owned car is the perfect – both affordable and practical- solution to your problem. In today’s world, you can find great deals on used cars in many reputed used car dealerships and buying a well-researched used car may be one of the smartest investments you ever make.

So, I present to you seven good reasons why buying used cars is a smart investment:

  • Save money: A new car’s value depreciates by 20% when you drive it out of the car lot, and it further falls by an additional 10 percent over the first year. This means that you end up paying 30% higher than if you would have bought the same car a year later. So, if you buy a used car, I can say that you may have to pay lower than half of the label price and continue to drive it for at least a decade and thus end up saving a ton of money. You may also be able to resell your car at almost the same amount you bought it at in the coming few years.
  • Price depends on location: Depending on where you are the price of used cars tend to vary. For example, if you live in a city like Sydney, the prices tend to be low as there are a large number of cars around – it would cost you somewhere between AU$2000 and AU$4000 to buy a used 2WD station wagon.
  • Checking accident histories of cars is easier: It is much easier now to check the history of the vehicle you are interested in with the help of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the car inspection services website for Sydney iaensw.com.au. This way you can be sure that the vehicle has not suffered some catastrophic damage while under some previous owner. You could also check whether any finances are owed under that car’s number.
  • Insurance costs are much lower: The insurance of your car is determined by vehicle value. As the value falls during the initial years of your car ownership, getting insurance for your used car will cost much less than buying a brand new car.
  • Reliability of cars has risen significantly: In earlier times, cars rarely lasted above 5-7 years. However, today’s cars last significantly longer. Most modern cars are expected to last for at least a decade. Thus, you can easily make a car that has been used for 5-6 years last for 10 or even more years with regular maintenance which will cost much less than a newly bought car.
  • You can upgrade to a higher range model: How many of us have wanted to own a car which is just out of our price range? By purchasing a used car, you can afford to buy the car of your dreams as its value has fallen although the car is still in great condition. Thus, you will own a much better car for the amount of money you have spent. Models of cars are not redesigned by carmakers each and every year. Thus, you can flaunt your dream car without worrying about others knowing about it.
  • You will get better financing terms: Used cars have higher interest rates in case of payments by monthly installments. However, highly competitive interest rates will ensure that you end up with a low down payment with longer repayment terms to procure a great deal for paying for your pre-owned car.

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