What Is the Procedure to Read Car’s VIN? 1

VIN is the acronym of Vehicle Information Number, which is basically a unique code associated with every vehicle. It reveals history of a particular vehicle and thus it is considered to be crucial when it comes to selling or purchasing used cars. Buyers generally like to check vehicle history before purchasing the cars. Seller may mislead buyers by not revealing some important details. VIN check through checkvin.com.au will omit the chances of being misled by sellers. In the year of 1980, International Organization of Standardization (ISO) had initiated this program. IN the following section, you shall find a guide for obtaining and decoding this unique code for the vehicles.

Getting VIN

In most of the new cars, VIN could be found at the front side of windshield. Within the tinted area, a clear square could be found, carrying VIN. This square stamp could be made of metallic sheet or could also be made of cheap plastic. It actually depends from one vehicle model to another.

Understanding the Code

Once you have found this unique code, you need to understand significance of digits on the code. Here is the breakup of the code for the ease of your understanding.

  • Make or Model (Digits 1-3): The first three digits signify model, manufacture and make of the vehicle.
  • Car Features (Digits 4-8): Thee digits specify crucial car features like driveline options, trim specifications, etc.
  • Verification (Digit 9): It stands for verification number of VIN. This number will show up whether VIN is falsified or not.
  • Model Year (Digit 10): Digit 10 says about the year of manufacturing of vehicle.
  • Assembly Plant (Digit 11): It shows where the car was manufactured.
  • Sequence of Model Production (Digit 12-17): When manufacturing vehicles, the manufacturer adds sequence number to each model serial wise. This sequence number can be interpreted through digit 12-17 of VIN.

Understanding Other Features of Car

In addition to model number and manufacturing details, vehicle information number also discloses importance details about various other parts of the car. When you get this code from www.checkvin.com.au, you shall be able to understand type of engine that the vehicle is using. So, if car’s engine has been replaced, it can easily be understood by decoding VIN.

Obtaining this code is simple. If you do not find it to be attached with a car, you can obtain it online by entering model number as well as some basic details about the car.

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