Types of Power Transmission to Look at

Power transmission today has become highly important for every day, hence other sources of transmission like pulleys, shafts, and couplings have gained an important role. Like power transmission parts like shafts, pulley, and couplings, even piñones taper e industriales is one important part for the power transmission. This is the common and popular gear that comes with the metal teeth and meshes rightly with the track or chain.

Pitch is used for referring to the distance between 2 sprockets. They don’t allow any gears to slip out and are applied where chains are engaged by wheels. In addition to, they are used in motors making rotational motions. Industrial sprockets are an important part of chain drives. It’s very important in the chain drive that the sprocket must match with the chain used.

Sprocket Types and Styles Available

Roller Chain

The sprockets used for the power transmission can be matched to its corresponding standard chain pitches. The typical applications include silent chains and roller chains that are used in power transmission use and ranging from conveyor to motorcycles drives. The sprockets are used in the pairs with various tooth counts to offer speed reduction just like gears or wheels. Unlike gears, the sprocket teeth don’t mesh with one another but with rollers on the transmission chain, thus can bridge higher distances than mating gears can span.

The sprockets are designed in metal but are also made in various other materials like plastic, thus you find a wide range of material. They are bought hub-less or various hub designs to secure drive shafts. The idler sprockets can be used as the intermediate carriers, which don’t transmit power. Sprockets are chosen by pitch & number of teeth.


As per the components, sprockets are divided into many different types. First, there is a split sprocket that represents a good alternative for solid kind, which allows fast installation without even preventing alignment or shaft.

Second, there is a taper bushed that is the bushed sprocket (or interchangeable) and offers a positive grip for the driven shaft.

Thirdly, there is the quick-detachable type where tapered bushing gets closed in a bore that is machined in the sprocket. And for this, the tight grip will be offered as bushing gets inserted inside a sprocket and compressing its shaft.

Hence, these are some of the important functions and use of sprockets that you need to know about before buying the right one.

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