Things You Need to Do Before Junking Your Vehicle

It’s not unusual for a person to need to junk his or her vehicle. Sometimes there’s just no other option and you just need the vehicle gone. If you’re preparing to junk your vehicle, make sure to follow these simple tips so no mistakes are made.

Remove Personal Objects

Considering that your car is most likely going to be crushed into a pancake, there will be no going back in case you forget something in the trunk. So make sure to take out all of your personal possessions before bringing it to the junkyard.

Get What You Can

The purpose of junking your car is to get some money for your losses. So, before you take it to local scrap car services in Hinckley, make sure that you remove anything that might be valuable, such as:

  • Alternators or starting motors
  • Stereo equipment
  • Battery

The Licence Plates

You won’t believe how many people forget to take off their licence plates before junking their vehicles. If you cancel a title or purchase a new vehicle, you’re going to want the plates for the DVLA so make sure that you remove the licence plates first!

Most of the time, a junkyard is going to require that you have a title so make sure that you have that in order as well. Junking your car can add some extra money in your pocket, which is especially nice if you need to buy a new car. Just remember all of these tips and your experience will be a good one!



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