Things to consider when purchasing refurbished golf carts

The golf carts that were used on the golf courses for years are marketed as refurbished electric golf carts, that are bought by the dealers. It is then given a new appearance and sold again, even when the components of the golf carts are worn-out.

Hence you should ensure that you need to know how to check the refurbished electric golf carts before considering to purchase it. There are many established golf cart dealers in the market. At Golf Trolleys UK, we overhaul the golf trolleys to give it a second lease of life and offer a three-month warranty.

Refurbishment level

When the dealers sell the refurbished golf carts, they ensure that the vehicle appearance looks like brand new. So, you need to inspect the level of refurbishment level of the golf cart thoroughly before purchasing one.

  • Lift the seats and check the controller, batteries, engine
  • Have a closer look at the suspension and chassis
  • Determine the age of the batteries

Some dealers even spray-paint the chassis and suspensions to give it a new look. So ensure that you are well aware of how to check the golf cart or ensure to have someone accompany you who is skilled in checking the different parts of the vehicle before your purchase.

Hours of unit

The latest editions of the golf carts come with the hour meter that tells you the number of hours on the cart. Ensure to check the hours of operations instead of several miles. It is advised to purchase the golf cart has shows lesser hours of the unit in it.

Check for the certified golf refurbishment dealers

It is always recommended to choose to buy from the certified and reputed golf cart refurbishment dealers. Over the years, Golf Trolleys UK have supplied many second-hand golf trolleys to customers across Oswestry and the surrounding areas within Shropshire. We have a great range to choose from no matter what make or model of golf buggy you might be looking for when buying a golf cart.

When you have decided to purchase the refurbished electric golf trolleys, the best is check for the model. Talk with the dealer on the major repairs that are done on the vehicle. Most of the dealers will scrutinise the vehicle, clean it and fix all the repairs needed; and charge you for all the repairs that are done on the trolley. More the repair, higher the price while purchasing. Golf Trolleys UK has years of experience in the industry and offers a comprehensive repair service to our customers. We cover all types of small and large repairs and ensure to provide the best services available to our customers. We strive to ensure a high standard of workmanship. If you are looking for purchasing the refurbished electric golf carts, then be sure to contact us today.

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