The Ultimate Guide to the MOT Pretest

All motor vehicles that are 3 years or older must pass an annual MOT test, which is designed to ensure that the vehicle is, in fact, roadworthy. The test is very comprehensive, and prior to booking your car in for an MOT test, here is a list of things to check.

  • Windscreen, Wipers & Washer – The windscreen should not be cracked or chipped, and the wiper blades need to be in good shape, and don’t forget to full up the washer bottle, as the car will fail if it is empty.
  • Tyres – The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm and the sidewalls should be free of bumps or tears. Luckily, there is an affordable car garage in Littlehampton who can carry out a pre-MOT test, and they are also approved MOT testers.
  • Steering and Shock Absorbers – The steering should be responsive and have no play, while the shock absorbers need to work properly. The MOT technician will put the car on a ramp and have a quick inspection of the steering and suspension.
  • Brakes – The brakes are tested on a rolling road, while the handbrake is checked for correct tension. If the brake pads are worn, have them replaced prior to the MOT test.
  • Lights – This includes the front and rear lights, indicators, reversing lights and hazard warning. The rear number plate should also be illuminated, while the brake lights are also inspected.
  • Bodywork Inspection – The technician will walk around the vehicle, looking for rust and any sharp edges that might be a risk to pedestrians.
  • Seatbelts – Aside from working as they are intended, the technician will also inspect the seatbelt webbing, looking for tears.

Book your car in for a pre-MOT test and any issues can be resolved prior to the test, and your car will pass with flying colours.

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