Simple Steps to Follow When Selling Your Motorbike

Getting the desired bargain when selling any second-hand material is always a difficult task. The task becomes even tougher when you choose to do it yourself instead of getting an intermediary to cut the deal.

As far as selling a motorbike goes, buyers always have the upper hand because they expect to get a good price cut because the bike has depreciated in values over time.  However, here are some good times that will help you get good money when selling your motorbike.

Prepare Well

Make sure the motorbike is in proper working conditions especially when you haven’t used it for a while. This is important since it will convince the buyer to consider buying an Item that won’t cost him or her future expenses.

You might also want to clean the bike and replace the rusty parts. The idea here to persuade the buyer that item is as close as possible to a brand new motorbike. One common characteristic shared by many second-hand buyers is that they would want to brag on how what they bought is almost new.


It is obvious that any seller would want to get the best price for the item on sale. But one has to be careful and avoid being excessively greedy when it comes to the automotive machines.

The best thing for you to do is to check on the prices of similar bikes that are posted online to give you a rough estimate of what to expect in the market.

Factors such as conditions and the mileage also play a central position is to determine the price of products. Also, the price of motorbikes also deprecates quite rapidly as new models emerge and competitions stiffen in the market.


In advertising, you may either choose to sell the bike via a dealer or do so independently. Opting for a dealer is the easiest way, but you may fail to realize the actual value of your bike.

Selling the bike independently will require you to search for the buyer and conduct all the transactions by yourself. Although the entire process may be very hectic, you can always sell the motorbike at the amount you consider its best value.


To make the transaction formal, you will require to provide proper documentation. Basically, you should provide the log book (V5C certificate), service books and an MOT certificate.


Every market has a madman, and so does the automotive market. Be wary of scammer and thieves that will always try to pounce on any opportunity the notices gap.

Scammers are common, especially when dealing with online buyers. Any genuine buyer will be transparent and open for a meeting in person.

Legit buyer may also be vigilant since they are aware of their vulnerability during such a transaction. Therefore, it is important that you build trust with the buyer and be transparent as much as possible. This article will provide you with enough information on how to identify scammers and thieves.

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