Signs Your Car Might Need to See a Mechanic 1

It can sometimes be difficult to determine when you should actually take your car to the shop. Even those who can afford it are often reluctant to take their vehicle to the shop. Taking it to the shop is going to cost you money, even if nothing is wrong, so it can feel like a waste of money. Choosing when to go to the mechanic is often a matter of knowing what to look for. Here are some warning signs.

Rough Shifts

Rough shifting is one of the best indicators that you need to research garage mechanics in Piddlehinton. Rough shifting is a sign that you are having some kind of issue with your transmission, and transmission issues never get better. They will not somehow work themselves out. A transmission issue will simply get worse and more expensive. Rough shifting happens in automatic transmissions, as well as manual transmissions.

In addition to rough shifting, you should keep an eye out for hesitation or lag when you are trying to shift. If your vehicle hesitates when it tries to shift gears, you could have a transmission problem. It could be as simple as low fluid levels, or something much worse.


If you hear knocking while you are driving, you might have a problem in your engine. Engine knock can be caused by insufficient fuel as well. If you are hearing a knock, or even feeling one in your engine while you drive, you should first use a higher-octane fuel. Higher octane fuel has a lower combustion point and burns more completely. If that does not work, then you need to see a mechanic.

Shaking or Rattling

If your car shakes or rattles under any circumstances, you need to go to a mechanic. Shaking while you are applying brakes could be an indication that you have warped rotors. Shaking at highway speed could be a drivetrain issue.

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