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St Louis Ford Dealerships can help you find used cars in St Louis that are not too expensive. A lot of people like to buy a new car, but new cars depreciate rapidly in value. When you buy an older car, you are buying a vehicle that has depreciated, but these are still great vehicles depending on the brand and owner who drove the vehicle before. According to Edmund’s a dealership, cars lose a lot of monetary value after they leave the car lot. At a certain point, the price of a used car tends to stabilize due to the reputation of the brand. Do your homework carefully.
The St Louis area offers a lot of vehicles great deals in the metro area. These dealerships make it easy for customers researching vehicles online. We have access links to the Kelley Blue Book so you can make sure that you are getting a fair price for your money.

When comparing a new car vs an older one, let’s put the Ford Fusion under the microscope. A 2017 Ford Fusion may cost around $16,499, while a 2014 Ford Fusion is in the $12,917 range. This price depreciation is about one thousand dollars per year. Both Ford Fusions are similar in their body style and features. There is nothing wrong about shopping for a new vehicle. Many people prefer brand new as well. The factory new price of a 2017 Ford Fusion is $22,120, we just suggest that consumers do their research!

For instance, a new 2017 Ford Focus from the factory may retail north of $17,000. At some dealerships we reviewed, a 2016 Ford Focus is going for around 14,000. Again, this is a substantial price decrease just from buying new vs used Fords at St Louis car dealerships in Missouri. At one of the quality car dealerships, we discovered Dave Sinclair Ford who wants to help you make a great decision buying your next car! Be sure to contact them at 877-462-2075 to learn more about what they offer.

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