Schedule Your MOT Testing: Make the Smart Choice 1

If you drive a car in the UK, and that car is more than three years old, chances are good you already know about the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the requirement for older vehicles to be tested annually. There are two basic goals for conducting these tests, often simply referred to by the initials “MOT”. The term is still used though the government sector, and is now known as the Department for Transport.

The national government requires these tests to not only ensure vehicle safety and road worthiness, but also to make sure your car meets the exhaust-emissions standards. When your vehicle passes the test, it is certified by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Thousands of local garages perform the testing procedures and issue certificates, but must meet certain criteria established by the government.

Safe and Sensible

It would make a lot of sense for you to want your vehicle to be in good condition and safe to use on the streets, roads, and highways. However, there are still some people who ask what might happen if they didn’t get an MOT. If you don’t have the car MOT-tested every 12 months, and consequently don’t have a valid certificate, you would be operating your vehicle unlawfully and wouldn’t be able to renew the car tax. It’s also possible you may invalidate your insurance, which could lead to an expensive situation, apart from the fine you might be subject to for operating a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate.

If this is enough to convince you to find out more about MOT testing in Leicester (and it should be), you can work with a qualified garage in this area to check items such as the body and vehicle structure, fuel system, exhaust system, seat belts, doors, mirrors, horn, windscreen, wipers/washers, lights, bonnet, tyres and wheels, brakes, load security and registration plates. The garage technician will also make sure the steering and suspension are sound and safe, and complete the certificate using your vehicle identification number.

Additional Benefits

There are additional benefits from working with a garage to get your MOT certificate. These same skilled professionals will also be available to assist with oil-and-filter service, as well as successfully complete repairs and maintenance on engines, brakes, lights, suspension, fluid levels, and steering, just to name a few of the key areas in which they excel.

Not only will you have peace of mind knowing your vehicle passed the MOT test and is ready for daily operation, you can also be sure your car is in its best condition when an experienced mechanic completes the maintenance and repairs to the highest standards. For example, you may want to arrange for them to conduct an engine diagnostic check, which reads data from your car to make sure everything is working as it should.

Technicians will also be able to reset any warning lights and alarms during the diagnoses, so you will be able to drive your car without any stress. Call to schedule your MOT test, and be sure your car is safe to drive today.

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