Safety Technology Installed in the 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet as always have led the automotive industry towards a brighter future of automobile and among all other aspects, safety has been prioritized at every step. With every passing year, the brand has excelled in incorporating the best possible safety measures in their latest models. The 2019 Tahoe is one such example where the vehicle can boast big about its safety standards.

The expert team serving the Roscommon Chevrolet dealer were proud to announce that Chevrolet Tahoe is primarily driven by the safety of its occupants. Hence the 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe enlists numerous safety features that can be either categorized as Driving Aids to prevent any probable hazard or technologies to Reduce the Impact of Collision as described below:

Automatic Front Braking

This is a feature where the system is able to detect whenever there is a probability of front-end collision and the driver hasn’t yet started applying the brakes. Once detected, the system automatically starts applying the brakes on the behalf of the driver to avoid the collision. This system works both with cars and pedestrians. The sensors involved in this feature is able to detect both cars and living beings, whenever they come at the front of the car even at a distance. As soon as the system detects a pedestrian, a baby or an animal in front of the car, it starts applying the brakes and slows down the car, so that it doesn’t touch them, or even if the touch becomes inevitable, the impact reduces to a significant level.

Camera for Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear and Surrounding Vision

Understanding the simple fact that most of the collisions and accidents happen because of lower visibility, Chevrolet has installed cameras at all strategic points to assist the driver with a 360 degree view from all sides. The cameras catch the glimpses around the car and displays it through the digital display at the center con sole to inform the driver about what is happening, so that he can take appropriate measures.

The adaptive cruise control automatically maintains a speed so that the driver-selected gap between the Tahoe and other vehicles doesn’t reduce freeing the need for the driver to constantly apply the brakes and accelerator.

The rear camera helps the driver during reversing and car parking in a tight slot, by showing the driver the scenes behind the vehicle. Same is with the Surround Vision camera that provides the driver with a “bird’s-eye” view to avoid any chances for crashes while the car needs low-speed maneuvering.

Lane Departure and Lane Keeping Assistance

The Roscommon Chevrolet dealer experts shared their experience that car crashes happen even because of sudden and unannounced lane diversions taken by the driver, where the other cars hit them because of the unpredictable movements of the car. To prevent such things from taking place the Chevrolet Tahoe of 2019 edition has enabled a feature that creates an alert for the driver, whenever he is steering out of his original lane and help in maintaining his track by slowing down the speed automatically and throwing a sound to alert the driver.

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