Questions to Ask at a Car Dealership 1

Buying a vehicle is a hassle. Buying a new car is often thought of as easier but it still requires that you go to a dealership and haggle with the salesperson. When you buy a used vehicle, you will be able to get a vehicle that is actually in great shape at a much lower cost. Vehicles depreciate in value much faster than they depreciate in function. A car that is only a few years old will have a greatly reduced price but not diminished quality. Here are some things to ask at a dealer.

Ask These Questions

When you talk with used car dealers in PL7, you should make sure to ask them a few questions.

  • What type of kilometres are on the car? The number of kilometres on a used vehicle is important; it tells you how far the car has gone. However, the type of kilometres is different. A vehicle that is towed behind another vehicle might have thousands of kilometres on the odometer but not actually on the car. A vehicle that was used for delivering pizza will have city kilometres, which are more damaging than highway kilometres.
  • What are common problems? Every year, a few things are tweaked with vehicle models; this can lead to problems that are common in different models. Ask your dealer about different unique problems with each specific vehicle.

Press for Answers

You should be aware that dealers will attempt to diminish the likelihood of problems or diminish bad news. You should press for answers but more importantly, you should work with a dealer that won’t obfuscate.

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