Chevrolet is an auto making brand that has always shown due respect towards its customers and understood their treated needs with sincere efforts and responded in the best possible ways. To protect the customers Chevrolet has its own systems and plans in place that assure the customers of receiving full cooperation and help from the manufacturer and they made sure that during or after a loss, the customers remain free from economical pressure and secure a repair work at the earliest. The protection plan does not undermine the regular necessities either. Thus it has categorized the Protection Plan into several sections keeping the selection option available for the customers to choose from.

The plans as told by the Lebanon Chevy dealer, are labelled and categorized as Chevrolet Protection Plans, Chevrolet Tire and Wheel Protection Plus and from both of these, one can drive through with a boosted confidence and reliability that won’t let down the driving and the spirit of exploring new places by any thoughts of insecurity.

Protection Plan

The Chevrolet Protection products and plans are created to help meet the high expectations and trust on the manufacturer during the lifetime of a vehicle. Depending upon the economic condition or other conditions, Chevrolet allows their customers to choose from the range of coverage that appears to be right at that point of time and change the existing ones whenever situations arise.

GAP Coverage

GAP Coverage is automatically issued to the buyer whenever a new purchase is made or leasing a new Chevrolet vehicle is done. The GAP Coverage is shaped to assure the owner a confidence when an accident takes place and at that point of time vehicle is considered as a total loss. Unlike the most standard insurance policies who compensate only for the current value of the vehicle, Chevrolet GAP Coverage offers the value that can help cover the value gap.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Road hazards have always been unpredictable. To protect the customers from such trying situations, Chevrolet Tire and Wheel Protection Plan is chalked and planned. With this, one can rest in peace with the knowledge that the tires and wheels of the vehicle are protected by the plan that falls under the covered road hazards.

Pre-Paid Maintenance

Maintenance at the right time ensure a longer life-span of the vehicle. The Pre-paid maintenance plan performs the recommended service in regular intervals keeping the maintenance costs low and under control while boosting up the performance of the vehicle and making it run at its best.

Appearance Guard

Now grooming your Chevrolet interiors and exteriors is made easy with the meticulous craftsmanship of the Chevrolet maintenance team by availing the Appearance Guard Plan.

XS Wear Lease Protection

According to the Lebanon Chevy the aim of this plan is to minimize the leasing expenses of excessive wear and tear with the help of the lease coverage that rise up to $5,000.

Winding Up

The Chevrolet Protection plans are designed keeping in mind the situations and requirements of the customers that can differ from person to person. It is planned to boost up the confidence level of the owners and making them feel comfortable while enhancing the trust in the brand and feeling secure while driving the vehicle or just enjoy the experience of owning a Chevrolet.

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