Not All Bicycle Security Chains Are the Same

If you do not have your bicycle adequately secured, you subject it to theft. That is why it is essential to use a heavy-duty chain. If you are currently locking your bike with a U-lock or cable, you may want to rethink your choice. For example, if you pay less for a cable to lock your bike but pay more for a chain, you have made a better investment in the chain.

Securing Your Bicycle with a Chain

You can select heavy-duty chains in a lighter-weight version or a more substantial grade that is made to a high standard. While the light chain is made to the same standards as the bigger chain, it offers a reduced level of security. However, you need a smaller one when securing some bikes. Therefore, the lighter weight chain should serve your purpose in this respect.

A heavy-duty bike chain, such as one featured in the line of Brindley Chains, offers an unsurpassed measure of toughness and tensile strength. The chain is made by combining a heat treatment with metal alloys. Therefore, the process results in the production of a robust chain. Heavy-duty chains of this calibre display a silver electrocoating. The addition of the electroplating enhances the chain’s resistance to corrosion.

Not only can you use the heavy-duty chain for securing a bicycle, but it can also be used to safeguard a motorcycle or similar item. When you use either of the ones mentioned above, they offer the ultimate resistance against theft. A newly introduced maximum-security chain is also included in the line. The chain protects against such activities as hacksawing or cropping. The new voluminous chain’s material displays more depth, thereby making it difficult to cut with an angle grinder.

Why a Chain Is a Better Crime Deterrent

You need to use a chain if you drive your bike through urban areas or stop in places where the crime rate is substantial. Even if you cycle through safe areas, it does not hurt to use a chain to secure your bike. You must also be careful where you lock your bike.

For example, in an urban location, if you store your bike on the street, it is more vulnerable to theft. Should you keep it in a yard behind a fence and without a chain, that barrier is not probable to create much of a deterrent. It is also a bad idea to store a bike in a common area of a building.

If you do store your bike in such a spot, make sure you secure it with a chain and affix it to a stationary object. You can avoid any trouble at all if you store your bike safely inside your house or apartment. Otherwise, make sure you have a reliable, heavy-duty chain to keep it from being stolen.

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