Mobile Heavy lifting Solutions for a Range of Industries

For most heavy industries, heavy lifting has always been in demand, and over the years, there have been many developments in the lifting industry, resulting in modern mobile cranes that are both affordable and offer easy access. Of course, a majority of heavy lifting environments involve a permanent static crane that remains on site at all times, yet there are also many occasions when a mobile unit is needed, such as loading and unloading and on-site assembly.

Twenty Four Hour Service

With globalisation being what it is, often a crane is required at unusual hours, and rather than having to wait for a more sociable hour, modern mobile crane hire extends to all hours. Should your company need affordable mobile crane hire in Perth, for example, there is an established hire company with all the resources and experience to handle any job, big or small. For some businesses, deliveries arrive at all times, and having the ability to hire a crane for a short period is something very valuable.

Range of Cranes

Of course, an established crane hire company would have an extensive range of modern vehicles, and with their expertise, they can advise their customers on all aspects of heavy lifting operations. The many years of hands-on experience will ensure that the lift will go as planned, and with a fully insured company, your valuable cargo is always protected. An established hirer would also have a heavy lifting division, which is used specifically for very heavy lifts, and with state of the art cranes, the job is safely completed.

Safety Standards

Lifting heavy machinery and other items poses a great safety risk, and the hire firm would use safe practices that are in line with government guidelines. For some complex lifts, the company would send an expert to survey the site and gather relevant data, which will ensure a safe lift, and with very experienced operators, the work would be carried out on time, allowing the project to be completed to schedule.

Large Construction Projects

The mobile crane is often required on a large scale construction development, and with loads coming in at all times of day and night, it is important to have the right crane on site at the agreed time. Generators, escalators and elevators all have to be manoeuvred into place when assembled, and this demands precise lifting solutions from professional people.

The Mining Industry

Western Australia has more than its fair share of mines, with many precious metals found in abundance, and let us not forget the diamond mining industry, where very heavy equipment must be regularly overhauled, and this cannot be completed without heavy lifting services. Any crane hire company that is established in the mining industry would have more than adequate resources to handle any sized project.

If your business needs a long-term heavy lifting partner, the best place to start searching is online, and once you have found what you are looking for, you can also make a booking via the website, making things very convenient.


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