Make an entrance at your wedding with a luxury rental car 1

On a special day such as your wedding you know every detail matters and making an entrance with style is a must. And it can be easily achieve by renting a prestige car from Blue Chip Car Hire in London. No matter your location, you can rent a car for anywhere in the UK. And when it comes to your wedding, no matter the venue address, you should enjoy arriving in a luxurious ride.

Getting married is an important event in every person’s life. Hopefully you only do it right and with the right person. But when you start planning, that is when headaches kick in. You should set up the budget, find a planner or start organizing yourself. No matter your choice, you will have to get involved in order for the day to turn out special and exceptional. And while putting up all the details, you should not forget about the entrance part.

Some people don’t consider that the entrance plays an important role in their wedding day, some might totally forget about it in the mist and confusion organizing a wedding can create. Nevertheless, making your entrance for the first time as husband and wife is a great moment and should be special or spectacular. This depends on your personality, your vision and of course your budget. Keep in mind it’s your debut as a married couple into the world. It happens in front of your family and friends, in front of all of those you love and care about. So doing it right will give you satisfaction, looking back to it after a day, a week or a decade.

So what could you do? Some prefer arriving on foot, some arrive on bikes or motorcycles and some prefer riding in an astonishing car. Be it a classic car such as a Morgan, a sports car such as a Ferrari or a 4×4 such as a Range Rover. No matter the choice, you will make an entrance with style in any of such cars.

Just imagine driving into the alley of that fancy restaurant you hired in a prestige car. Just close your eyes and picture that moment, I think you can already feel the excitement. Making your entrance in a red hot Ferrari, the colour of love and the car of the winners, it is an important part of your special day. And if you need a reliable car rental provider, go with Blue Chip, they won’t disappoint.

Browse through Blue Chip Car Hire fleet of Ferrari for hire, Range Rovers for rent and a number of other selected sports cars, classy cars and SUV’s. They only have the finest prestige care for you to rent and for a special event such as your wedding day you need the most stylish wheel there is. Don’t neglect your first ride and first entrance and a Mr and Mrs, trust me, you will not regret making it a spectacular, fancy one.

But this is it from me, I know you have a lot of organizing to do, details to consider but no matter what, don’t skip the arrival and entrance part. It is also a detail you will remember for years to come. So why not make it impressive, not just for your guests, but especially for you and your loved one. Plan on and have fun at your wedding, after all it’s your special day!

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