emulator DPF
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DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is a kind of device which is usually adjusted into the engine to minimize pollution that is produced by the exhaust fume. As suggested by the name, it also works as a filter and removes all the soot that blocks the engine pipe.

What is a DPF Emulator?

Now, before we understand what a DPF emulator is and how it can help us, we have to understand what DPF removal and DPF deletion are.

When the DPF malfunctions or appears to be blocked, it either needs to be removed or deleted from the vehicle. However, without a DPF, it is almost impossible to drive a car since it leads the engine into a ‘limp’ mode.

This had become an increasingly alarming issue since it was important for every DPF to be maintained once in a while. Replacing the same with a new one was an extremely expensive event. Hence, to escape this situation, engineers came up with an innovative concept known as emulator DPF.

An emulator DPF is a simulation of the conventional DPF, which is much easier to deal with. The installation, as well as removal process, is simple, unlike the traditional ones. It convinces the engine that the DPF is actively functioning whilst it has been removed.

These are only a few of the many benefits that come with an emulator. To know about the rest, keep reading.

Benefits to a DPF Emulator

It is equipped with mechanical sensors

With traditional emulators, you would have to look out for signs like warning lights, decreased MPG, predominant exhaust smell, or the classic limp mode. However, a DPF emulator comes with automatic sensors, which enable the machine to understand when it is up for maintenance or removal.

It comes with two kinds of sensors:

● Pressure sensor

It keeps an eye on the consistency of the airflow and the filtering signals.

● Temperature sensor

It can recognize the rise or fall of temperature and reaches the final decision on collaboration with its twin sensor.

It is cost-efficient

Like we have already mentioned, a replacement can drill a hole into your pocket when it comes to traditional DPFs.

This is not an issue with the DPF emulator since their senses will notify you beforehand. Since this device is dependent on the procedure of regeneration, it can maintain itself when the time comes.

Saves up on fuel

In most cases, a regular DP needs to be removed or changed because the pipeline experiences blockage. As a result, it requires more energy to travel the same miles. A solution to the same would maintain or replace it, but that alternative is not opted for by most drivers.

On the other hand, the temperature and pressure sensors of the DPF emulators allow it to discard the pollutant and keep the soot from jamming up. Hence, it saves you both — fuel and energy.

Cuts down on engine breakdown

The attached sensors observe the threshold values, which enhances the efficiency of the energy and, as a result, minimizes the chances of an engine breakdown.

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