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The number of Honda motorbikes surprises visitors to London for the first time post Covid19. While there is no doubt arguing that driving a motorbikes to work or for a trip is safer than taking a trip in public transportation, the surprising fact is that Honda consists of nearly 50% of the scooters and motorbikes in the capital. Several factors contribute to this majority. The primary is that this particular brand has the most varieties of motorbikes, available in a wide price range, making it affordable for those on a limited budget. The second point is that Honda does not compromise on quality, despite offering motorbikes at down to earth prices. The third is that all major Honda motorbike dealers confess that they run out of stock of this particular brand as soon as they post its arrival on their website.

Therefore, if you prefer to ride safely and securely, and get the maximum mileage per litre of petrol purchased, look no further than Honda. Another factor that makes this brand so popular is that one can buy them by paying a small upfront price and pay the remainder in 24 to 36 monthly instalments. This helps people in the low-income group become the proud owner of a Honda motorbikes. Let us look at some of the popular brands with a brief introduction about their features. It will help you decide which motorbike is best suited for you. Remember, you have to pass the motorbikes driving test and own a valid license before you can drive the vehicle on the streets of London.

Different models

If you are on a budget and are willing to purchase a 125CC model, look no further than the Honda CB125F. At £2,799.00, it is one of the cheapest models available. The other models in this class include the Honda Reduced MSX125 priced at £3,199.00, the Honda MSX125 that costs £3,499.00, and the Honda CB125R Neo Sports Café that costs £4,299.00. You can find the features of each of them on the website of Motoden. If you prefer scooters then you can go for the Honda Vision 110, prices reasonably at £2,449.00, the SH125 Mode that costs £2,799.00, or the PCX125 that will dent your wallet by £3,169.00. If you want the best scooter that money can buy, then purchase the ultimate in scooters… the Honda X-ADV 750. You can purchase any of the above products by paying the full price or pay a specific sum, and pay the remainder in 24 to 36 easy monthly instalments.

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