Having Your Vehicle MOT Tested 1

A large number of vehicles driven in Great Britain must pass the MOT test. This test was created by the former Ministry of Transportation, which is where it gets its name. Today, the test falls under the supervision of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, a part of the Department of Transportation. However, it’s still very similar to the original test. If your vehicle is required to pass this test annually, you will need to find a garage that has been authorised to do the test and certify your vehicle.

What Is the MOT Test?

The MOT test is a safety test that makes certain your vehicle is roadworthy and meets specific exhaust emission requirements. It can only be done by authorised repair garages that have agents who are trained in how to complete this test. Once the test has been finished and your vehicle has passed, you will be given a certificate. If your vehicle does not pass the MOT test, you will need to address the issues and have it retested before you can legally drive it. MOT testing is often included as one of the Hythe garage services.

What Vehicles Need to Be MOT Tested?

Any vehicle that is more than three years old and will be used on any road in Great Britain will need to be annually tested. There are some exceptions to this. If your vehicle will only be driven on some small islands, for example, then it may not need to be tested.

Classifications of the MOT Test

Different vehicles fall under different classifications and, therefore, may need to meet different requirements. Motor bicycles, for example, are listed under Class I and Class II, while ambulances and private passenger vehicles are Class IV. These Class IV vehicles must be tested yearly regardless of age. Make certain you know what classification your vehicle falls under because the cost of the MOT test does vary.

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