Get an Overview of Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 1

I always dreamt of the sport bikes. Yes, the design, smooth power engine, ultimate range of ergonomics and the high end power. Addition to this, there are certain other features that make most of the sport bikes the top most dream item for the youngster and they choose nothing but the RE Thunderbird. The same has happened with me a well. I felt for the RE, after riding the R15. When I got the opportunity to ride the RE, you know what happened? For the first time, I experienced what is called the Royal Ride.

The Royal Enfield thunderbird does not have the electric start as well. There were many flashbacks that came in my mind when I thought about the bullet. For the first time, I was little frightened about kick starting the bullet, later I came forward with the courage as I was not having any choice. It was really a miracle. When I kickstart the machine, I got a cool feeling.

When I was riding this bike, I was getting the Royal feeling that was certainly different from other motorcycles. After the ride, I even cannot describe the feeling that I got. Te Royal Enfield is not just the bike; it was something more than that.

This machine has a classic look that makes the bike unique and stylish than the other variants. The aggressive fuel tank, cute nail lamp and the split seat is added to the classic 350 model. Most of the adventure seekers are waiting for this bike to arrive in the market. Royal Enfield thunderbird price is given in the reviews, where you can get an idea on the price chart of this motorcycle. It has got an engine of 350cc. The design is the prime factor this bike.

Though, the RE thunderbird is not famous for the performance and power, but it is famous for the luxury and the royalty it offers. RE has made many interesting additions to all the bikes to attract the customers. The machine is having a 346cc Single cylinder with four stroke Twinspark engine. You can check the royal Enfield thunderbird 350 mileage to get an idea.

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