Garage Organization: The Essentials

No matter if you’re putting up a garage workshop from scratch or you want to update your current arrangement, you must master some basics beforehand. Make sure to introduce these essentials in your garage, and you will turn it into a highly efficient place and your favourite room.

The Indispensable Workbench

Purchasing or constructing a sturdy workbench should be the first item on your to-do list. This piece will be the central point of your future projects, so the construction has to be carried out skilfully and with the dependable materials. Get the affordable solid-wood panels and get down to your first DIY project. If this doesn’t cut it for you, there are more rugged, metal frame varieties on the market.

The Vises and Holding Devices

When you finish setting up your workbench, you should start searching for a vise that’s built to handle years and years of heavy-duty projects. Basically, you won’t regret for a second if you invest in a quality model. The cheaper ones, however, come with faults and weak structure and tendency for premature malfunction. For portable solutions or chunky materials, a folding clamp can get you covered.

The Floor Types

It goes without saying that the garage workshop flooring should be resilient to the actions performed on the premises. The existing cement floor most of us have could do just fine, but make sure to place some comfort mats around the workbench. Alternatively, an extra epoxy finish could make it look tidier and spill-proof. Lastly, if you pick modular tiles you’ll have a selection of styles and colours at your disposal.

Tool Box

When you have a great number of tools, it’s crucial they’re properly organised if you don’t want to spend a whole afternoon looking for the right hammer. The six-drawer ball-bearing chest is a great way to start storing your pieces, but the more ambitious DIY craftsmen should take the roller cabinet and chest combination that’s more spacious. Finally, pick the modular designs for the advanced garage shops.

Basic Storage

The pegboard is a genuine garage workshop staple, and a practical method for storing of individual pieces and tools. The hooks available will differ for extension cords, hammers or electric devices storage. Some of the standard kinds include L-hooks (ladders), J-hooks (bikes) and U-hooks (hoses and power cords). A solid upgrade for a massive collection are the tough steel panels. For everything else, cabinets and racks will do the trick.

Extension Cords and Power Strips

If you’re struggling to find a free outlet on a daily basis, it’s high time to introduce a new set of extension blocks and cables. To fit in your corded devices and the chargers of the cordless pieces, go for a 4-15ft power strip with ten outlets. To save some energy and minimise the bill, choose the strips with a switch you can turn off at the end of the day.

Light Fixtures

Inadequate illumination can affect your eye health and consequently, your work. This will waste your precious time and cause extra expenditure. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy and cost-effective to trade your solitary common bulbs for some energy-efficient recessed LED lights, advise the guys at Superlight. They won’t be in your way and their power is unparalleled among the competition. It is often a good idea to complement it with some retractable models and portable lamps that act as task lighting.

Safety Measures

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Don’t take your safety for granted and get yourself the necessary safety gear:

  • Impact-resistant safety glasses
  • Face-hugging goggles (chemical-spraying proof)
  • Mechanics leather gloves
  • One-use nitrile gloves
  • Earmuffs or earplugs
  • Respirator

Lastly, ensure your working area is fitted with a top notch ventilation system that will provide a constant supply of air.

Before breathing life into your new designs, check if you’re missed something from our list of garage workshop essentials. Invest in top-notch tools, but also in your health and safety.

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