Don’t Wait to Replace a Cracked Windscreen

Those minor cracks that appear on a windscreen can turn into a major problem if you do not have the windscreen replaced. A windscreen replacement that features direct glazing comprises as much as 30% of an auto’s upper strength. Therefore, any replacement must be done by a qualified and trained installer.

Making Safety a Priority

Safety is a priority when making this type of adjustment. That is why premium parts and adhesives are used. Whilst you may think that a small yet far-reaching crack is an eyesore, it can also be a safety issue if it is not fixed.

Also, if a windscreen is not properly placed in a car, it can easily lose its hold during a collision. Because the windscreen serves as a type of structural support, an improperly installed windscreen can lead to a roof collapse.

What Constitutes a Need for Replacement?

Whilst small chips can be easily repaired by a professional glass technician, a chip or crack that is too large or expansive needs to be replaced. Even if the crack extends to the length of a bank card, it needs to be replaced.

Why a Crack in a Windscreen Is a Safety Concern

A regular windscreen is made up of two pieces of glass that are affixed to a vinyl-type resin centre. The resin keeps the glass intact during a crash, thereby keeping shards of glass from flying during the mishap. If this safety layer becomes chipped or cracked, however, the windscreen does not have that added support to withstand an impact. If your windscreen displays a crack, it cannot offer you or your passengers the protection needed to stay safe during a crash.

Visual Difficulties

In addition, a large crack running across your windscreen can impair your vision whilst driving. Simply put, you need to obtain a windscreen replacement quote in Colchester if your windscreen is damaged.

How Windscreens Are Replaced

Whilst many chips or cracks can be fixed economically, you are investing in your safety when you have the glass replaced. A qualified technician will first replace the rubber stripping that holds the windscreen and frame. Usually, after the stripping and exterior trim are removed, adhesive is applied along the boundaries of the frame. Afterwards, the glass is fitted into place.

Are the Technicians Accredited?

Chips that are not repaired quickly turn into cracks that require a windscreen replacement. Whether you have a chip or a crack, you need to have the problem resolved immediately. When you choose a company to perform either repair, make sure that they are accredited. Technicians should have Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA).

Drive Away in an Hour

Reputable companies make any repair or replacement convenient as they offer mobile same-day services. They also use glues that set quickly. As a result, you can have a windscreen replaced and drive away an hour later. Make sure that the service takes debit and credit cards if you are not paying for the service with insurance.

Do Not Procrastinate: Call Today

Whether the cold has cracked your window or gravel has chipped the glass, you cannot wait to make this type of glass repair. Keep yourself and your family safe whilst navigating the motorways. Contact a windscreen replacement company today.

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