Design Concept of Genesis Essentia 1

If you have seen or driven a Genesis Essentia, you already know the difference. The first thing that will blow your mind away is the physical appearance, that is undoubtedly flashy and deadly attractive. The Essentia from Genesis is an all-electric sports car which can be best described so far as a dream car one can always want to drive.

The Aim Behind the Concept Design

Cars are commodities that sometimes serve purposes beyond the mere act of transporting, hauling or even exploring the world. If you see the way an Essentia looks, you will be convinced at the first sight that it has almost sidelined the priority of meeting any of the above-said practical use of a car, that needs to compromise the style.

Standing before the Essentia at the Riverside Genesis dealership made us believe that be it the all-glass roof, the extra ordinary rearview mirrors, or windshield wipers, it is style oozing out from everywhere of Essentia.

Taking a Closer Look

All over the exterior body of the Genesis Essentia there is a hard line running at all major zones defining the bubble canopy roof distinctively from the panels of the interior that gets more complex at the front end.

The glass extension makes the windshield wear an identity of itself, and if your gaze travels towards the hood, you will find it depressed from its principal envelope that bents down with a sharp edge right there behind the grille.

This crease elegantly represents a highly sophisticated fender profile that decides to disappear near the rear deck just the same way it feels like rising from the body skin. The textured grille closes down the part that could have been otherwise visible. It has a finely modulated inlet that is triangular in shape. The upper bar is softly curved with a nice pair of kinked straight sections that gets joined with each other at the bottom making the composition look immensely pleasing.

Just behind the grille you will invariably notice a parenthesis-shaped grille frame that comes with a single horizontal bar that runs at a full width. The roof shape is strategically given a splendid aerodynamic shape, gaining the perfect fastback look. The curves get alluring near the rear of the door with an exceptionally longer stretch creating an optical illusion of movement at a whizzing speed.

Getting Inside the Essentia

The interior design of the Genesis Essentia makes sure nothing falls out of the concept of luxury and style when people get into the cabin and drive along. Every part of the cabin exhibits an impressive detail that never forgets to provide the level of comfort it has promised through its good looks. Materials that cover the skin and upholstery are naturally above the class, while the soft-touch cushioning of the seats pampers the occupants till the Essentia reaches its destination.

The Long-Lasting Impressions

There is every reason to consider the Genesis Essentia to be the Future Concept Car of tomorrow even though it has not yet become fully autonomous. The concept behind its design shows the perfection of mind that Genesis has nurtured in their studio for decades. To take a closer look visit

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