Definitive Guide To Finding Cheap Yet Elegant Wedding Cars

There are many wedding cars that have earned a bad reputation for being something intended for older people. Cars like the Town Car are often referred to as the king of the road. It belongs to the Lincoln’s luxury line of large rear wheel drive cars. However, despite their relaxing driving experience, comfort and room these are considered by many younger people as an older person’s car, this in fact is not the case.

Nothing comes larger than the Town Car

Even though there have been numerous improvement in the automotive industry over the past decade, the Town Car still appeals to people wanting a vehicle that has a distinctively old school look. When it comes to wedding vehicles most people want something that looks classy and old school which is what makes the Town Car perfect.

In addition to the comfortable and spacious interior the vehicle sports a powerful V8 front wheel drive engine and a distinct body on frame type construction. Plus the car employs some of the most durable and time tested technology which ensures trouble free running. The 6 inch wheelbase extension means that the Executive ‘L’ model is best suited as a wedding vehicle because it provides an astounding 47 inches of room for your legs, this makes the rear compartment comparatively roomy.

Also, the ‘L’ mainly builds upon the overall model’s equipment list owing to a duel rear seat power point, heated rear seats, adjustable rear head restraints, and remote control climate, audio and front passenger seat.

For people who are looking for a vehicle that is large enough to accommodate around five to six people comfortably the Town Car is the best choice. In addition, to the enormous rear compartment, the vehicle’s trunk is a huge 20.6 cubic feet.

Miscellaneous reasons to hire a Town car

Today almost every car hire company in the world has a Town Car which is an integral part of their business. Many car hire companies provide added extras for people who hire a Town Car, these extras include candy, bottled water, and magazines. This can help make your trip a lot more comfortable.

A few other cars in its league

Now if you wanted to opt for the Town Car but was not able to find one locally there are a few other cars you can opt for. The Cadillac DTS, is one of the best airport and wedding limousine. Then there is also the wedding bus which is a cheap option if you want to transport more than 20 people at a time to and from the wedding venue.

Limousine versus Party Bus

There are many people who want to know the difference between a party bus and a limousine because both of these can be used for weddings. The answer to this question, if you do not want to read the details is that there is no difference. Limousine buses have a number of names i.e. party rides, party buses, limo buses etc. So, regardless of what they are called these vehicles essentially share the same characteristics.

Types of limousine buses

There are essentially two types of wedding limo business that can be rented. The first is the very popular front engine cab chassis type of design. This type of bus can accommodate up to 30 passengers and is often referred to as just a minibus, and so it also happens to be the predominant limousine bus. However, on closer inspection these buses are nothing more than overgrown airport shuttles that have a limousine type interior. But these are excellent choices for a price conscious couple since they offer the best value for money in the industry.

The rear engine diesel pusher is the other type of limousine. This can hold up to 40 passengers and is the biggest limo in the industry. This large limousine looks a lot like a regular bus externally but on the inside it’s something very different. The bus sports leather seating, hard wood floors, private VIP rooms and strobe lights. Some even include a Jacuzzi.

Look out for scams

When you are renting a limousine bus, you need to always check the vehicle. The most common scam in the industry is to just pass off a normal charter bus as being a “party bus”, this may sound un-believable but happens to be a common practice. So buyers need to be aware.

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