BMW Classic Models
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BMW has always been the star everybody yearned to own, from its very beginning. What makes it so special? The gears? Sure. The technology? Sure. The car designs? Sure. But more than formers, it is the trust which every car entails the moment you buy them. Do you still worry about buying premium cars? Do not worry! Buy used BMW cars here. They will never disappoint.

Here we’ll look at the classic BMW models which rule the hearts of its owners and the exotic car lovers from all over the world.

  1.    E24 M6

The E24 6-Series was stylish, but speed was always preferable, thus BMW installed a modified version of the M1 engine in the E24. That made it swift back then, and it is still fairly speedy today. The great aspect is that even after 30 years, a sharknose M6 still turns heads.

The E24 M6 is one of the best BMWs ever manufactured, from its induction roar to its ease of driving and outstanding stability. It is a must-have for BMW collectors.

Sure, the BMW M6 is today linked with high-performance lease princesses, but without its launch in the past, none of those doctors and financial advisers would have had this automobile.But you can own it now! Used premium and classic BMW cars models are readily available in India.

  1.    E26 M1

Many people still believe the M1 to be the best BMW ever manufactured. It was designed by Giugiaro in conjunction with Lamborghini, but as the partnership fell through, BMW chose to complete the project on its own. As a result, a supercar that immediately became a legend was created. The E26 M1 was created to demonstrate that BMW Motorsport GmbH was a credible manufacturer of sports cars capable of competing on the street with Porsche and Ferrari, as well as to provide a purpose-built machine capable of competing in the Group 4 and Group 5 racing series. It will always remain a question in your mind, whether you can buy this great car or not. But with used BMW cars, your dreams can come true.

  1.    E30 M3

BMW couldn’t let the 3-Series escape the M treatment now that the M division is on a roll. The ordinary E30 was already a serious driver’s vehicle, and autocrossers and LeMons racers who don’t drive Miatas still prefer it today. It’s one of the finest driver’s cars of all time in M3 form. The BMW M3 of 1986 was the first of its sort, having been designed directly from motorsport. It was a sensation when the car was unveiled at the IAA in Frankfurt in 1985. The BMW M3 swiftly became one of the most legendary automobiles in the BMW M line-up, thanks to its multiple title victories in touring car racing. Why not bring back this sensation to your house and buy this used BMW model here!

  1.    E31 850CSi

The BMW 8-Series continued where the BMW 6 Series left off, with more speed and luxury. The 8 Series featured a great V8, but it could also be purchased with a V12 and a six-speed manual transmission. The 850 CSi, on the other hand, was the most sought model. Its V12 engine produced 375 horsepower and was exclusively available in manual transmission, making it the greatest luxury grand tourer available in the 1990s.

This car is immaculate throughout, from the paint to the wheels to the underside, and the black Nappa leather interior shows no signs of wear. In the end, this automobile is a throwback to 1994, complete with a period-correct BMW-branded car phone! Who wants to miss this opportunity? Save money and move to used BMW cars in India.

  1.    E52 Z8

Take a look at the Z8 for example. Take a moment to look at it, sit back, and think about it. It’s just stunning. It’s incredible. It’s also BMW’s last truly superb automobile. The BMW Z8 is also one of the few cars that has appreciated greatly over the last 20 years. Clean, desirable versions are trading for more than twice what they initially cost, and even the cheapest models aren’t cheap at all. In such a case, why not move to your haven, i.e. why not buy used BMW models!

BMW, or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, is a premium automobile manufacturer based in Germany. BMW is known for its contributions to sports vehicles and motorcycles, in addition to their superb luxury road sedans. For some, BMW is merely a status symbol, but for others, it represents a belief in the phrase “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and the idea of high-revving engines.

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