Best Custom Truck Features Of The Past Decade

1. Air Ride / Dropped Suspension:

This feature is for those who love a dropped or slammed look on their vehicle. Upgrading your current springs and struts for pneumatic bags, an air compressor and the air valve manifold is beneficial to the look of your ride for many purposes. The main reason allows your truck to cut the original ride height when at a stance and regain it so there isn’t much damage to the chassis.

2. Lifted Suspension:

If dropping your truck isn’t to your fancy, then jacking it up in the air looks just as impressive. Usually lifting is with either combinations of aftermarket off-road suspension systems, beefier front/rear axles and an upgraded stiffened chassis for the full effect. Built for terrains packed with mud, rocks and unfavorable trails trucks with lifted suspensions mean business on and off the road.

3. Chrome/Black Wheels:

This has been one of the most popular features to add to a truck since the modification business began. Upgrading wheels is simple and the way you decide the color gives onlookers the tone of what your truck stands for. Chrome exemplifies the ability to shine and stay clean while matte black gives the allure of ruggedness.

4. All Terrain Tires:

Selecting the right rims for your truck may set the tone but adding large mud tires puts the exclamation point on your ride. Though not a good match for city folk, trucks with big fat tires look good just about anywhere you go. Preferably, pair all terrain tires with a lifted suspension.

5. Block Bumpers / Billet Grills:

These features added are for one purpose only: aggressiveness. Adding block bumpers usually in matte black gives your truck the military grade image. A chrome or matte billet grill to replace the OEM gives a uniform feel to the vehicle.

6. Custom Truck Bedding:

There are many ways to upgrade your truck bed. The most popular thing to consider if you use your bed regularly is adding a tough spray-down liner to avoid chipping paint and weathering. Alternatively, if your truck is for show have the bed covered and add an offset custom paint to compliment the truck’s style.

7. Exhaust Stacks:

The last feature that screams for attention from a custom truck are vertical pipes that reroute the exhaust behind the cabin. Dependent on how you rich you decide to tune your engine timing for fuel output, you could create smokestacks every time you rev the engine. Not only does this look extremely cool, but it delivers a new level of power and performance to your truck. According to custom auto welders from Advantage Manufacturing, exhaust stacks are one of the best modifications for trucks that spend a lot of time off-road.

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