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The Public Carriage Office in the UK makes the benefits of a car hire accessible and advantageous. The primary benefit of this type of hire for cab drivers is that they can drive newer cars. Plus, this type of vehicle will satisfy the requirements of the Public Carriage Office. Therefore, you can have more peace of mind whilst you drive.

How You Can Start Working Today

However, the car that you drive is also the property of the car hire business and is therefore not your own vehicle. Nevertheless, this type of arrangement makes it possible for you to access transport and to work as a driver or chauffeur. You just need to provide the required documents to the car hire provider. In turn, you will receive an approved PCO vehicle with full comprehensive cover.

What Happens If You Damage the Car?

You will also need to put down a deposit to rent a vehicle. The payment is normally £500. This deposit, which is refundable, will be returned as long as you do not return the car with marks or dents or receive a fault claim. If you do return a car with a dent, the provider of the hire vehicle will have the dent fixed. The cost of the repair will be subtracted from the deposit before it is returned.

Flexible Contracts

Flexible contracts are available for a PCO car hire in London. Therefore, you can rent a vehicle by the week, by the month, or for a total of three months. If you want to receive a better rate, you should rent the vehicle for a longer period. Payments are accepted in the form of a credit card, cash, or direct deposit.

What to Do in an Accident

If you are involved in an accident, all the cars for hire come with full comprehensive cover, as mentioned. Drivers cannot rent vehicles without this type of protection. If you do experience a mishap in a rental car, you need to gather as much information as you can. Details should include videos or digital pictures of the accident scene, if possible.

You also need to provide the time of the accident, registration numbers, names of the parties, date of the collision or crash, and postal code. Be sure to include details from witnesses as well as the insurance company, policy number, and any third-party contact information. Contact the hire car provider right away so you can review the CCTV footage from your rental car. You will need to complete an accident report as well. If you cannot drive the car, the provider will replace the vehicle.

Insurance Cover or Maintenance Is Free

PCO drivers do not have to pay for maintenance or service for their vehicles. Everything is covered by the hire provider including maintenance, repairs, tyres, and MOTs – the whole works. So, if you are looking for a way to work as a taxi driver or provide driver services, this type of hire is a good solution. When you have this kind of latitude, you can reduce the worry and costs that are associated with owning a car and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from having your own driving business.

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