Are windshields covered by insurance? When to use it? 1

When your windshields need to replace, do you wondering are windshields covered by insurance? Here

Are complete guide about windshield replacement.

When does insurance cover windshields?

The answer is yes. Car insurance usually covers the windshields damage and replacement, in most case, the insurance is comprehensive insurance type. Your damaged windshields will be covered and usually it purchased with collision insurance. Most of this coverage protects type of damage that caused not from incident with other cars and common called as “act of god”. Examples of this examples damage “

∙ The tree branch that fall and damage your windshields

∙ The vandalism acts

∙ The animal crashing

∙ The stone crashing windshields

What need to do when insurance not cover your windshields?

When you do not have comprehensive insurance then the company will not pay your windshields cost. There are only 2 conditions where liability insurance can pay your car repair cost. The first is when other person crashes your car and they are the fault at the incident. When your Windshield Repair

or other parts damaged in this case, as it repaired and you file the insurance claims against the property damage liability portion from the auto insurance.

The second situation is when a condition where you are covered when other person break your windshields and you file the insurance claim against the homeowner or renters liability insurance. If they have either the policies above, then this means that they have liability portion that use for cover expense things that they damage.

Should you claim broken windshields?

The first thing needs to consider when claim file is comparing your deductible versus the cost of repairing. The insurance company wills subtract deductible from the total amount of you’ve claimed. This mean, if the deductible is greater from the price of repairing or replacement, then your insurer will not give you anything.

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