Amazing Practical Tips For New Bike Riders From Veteran Riders

Riding a bike is the time when your safety and life are on the risk line. While riding your motorcycle, do you really aware of all the precautionary measures that come with motorcycle riding? If not, then read the following section where you can enlighten yourself with some practical riding tips coming from veteran riders:

  • When going on a motorcycle road trip, be sure you are riding with a group that consists of people you trust – It is as simple as it sounds but the most crucial aspect that all riders swear by. Does the group consist of people who are riding their motorcycle while under the influence? Is the person riding next to you incapable of handling their bike? Is there anyone in the riding group who is a showoff and keeps on endangering themselves and the group with their stunts? Be sure you filter those elements out before venturing on the road ahead. On top of that, veteran riders often tell tales about how it is better to ride alone than sharing a lane on the road with someone else. If you are comfortable with that idea, venture out alone.
  • Wear bright coloured riding gear – The riding gear is your best friend when you are atop your crotch rocket and cruising down the highway. It not only protects your body from abrasion if you face an accident but also can help you to stay visible in the rearview mirrors of cars from long distances. Speaking of which, you should always remember that dark shades are not your best friend when you are on the road. Wearing bright coloured riding gear such as neon, or something equipped with neon reflective surfaces will do the trick. Be sure you are buying genuine products offered by bike manufacturing companies for best results.
  • Always ride when you are fully rested – Riding when your body and mind are tired is one of the many ways you can endanger your ride, yourself and others on the road. Take a pit stop after every 125 miles or so.
  • Master the proper use of clutch in slow or tight turns – Mastering the proper clutching pressure can be your key to keeping the motorcycle under your control. If you apply too much pressure or refrain from using the clutch at all, both cases can lead to your bike tipping. It is common for a rider to lose control of their ride especially when they are making a tight turn on the road or a slow turn in a parking lot. Be sure you apply the right amount of pressure on your clutch to have just the right amount of momentum when you need to take a turn.

What makes riding a motorcycle so gratifying, sought after and often labelled as the ultimate example of freedom? Well, it is the feeling of living on the edge of course. Riding a two-wheeler is obviously more dangerous than riding a four-wheeler. Always think ahead of the situation and be ready to tackle a hurdle in your planned ride if you face a snafu. Closing it up with a word of advice – if you own a vintage motorcycle like Norton Commando, be sure you are using genuine 1971 Norton Commando parts for best results.

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