Aluminium Fabrication

Founded in 1978, Edmo Limited has established a strong reputation as the one stop shop for a complete range of aluminium fabrication services in the U.K today. We take the time to determine our clients’ specific requirements and we use our knowledge and expertise to deliver our integrated services to their exact specifications.

Aluminium Fabrication Services

Using aluminium as our primary substrate, we deliver precision-engineered aluminium fabrications. Our state of the art fabrication facilities enable us to supply a complete range of fabrication solutions without having to contact multiple service suppliers.

Our highly skilled workforce is trained to deliver complex componentry solutions. Taking into consideration the behaviour of the metal when it is formed, we can produce fabricated sheets in all thicknesses and alloys with a high degree of accuracy.

As experts in extrusion fabrication, we can determine if a client’s request is feasible or not and if necessary, we can offer alternative solutions using our CAD and prototyping services. Our quality assurance team ensures that all fabricated components leaving the warehouse undergo a comprehensive quality check.

Computer Numerical Control Machining Services

We provide a completely flexible computer numerical control (CNC) machining solutions ranging from precision componentry to long length fabrication. We can produce high quality component parts at high speed from solid plate or extrusion from our CNC centres.

Our four-axis CNC centres are designed to work cost effectively on intricate components without compromising on quality. We can produce single prototypes as well as batches of components in thousands. Our outstanding workforce is equipped with the skills and know-how in tooling, jig-design and die-casting to produce unique solutions to your specific challenges.

CNC Tube Bending

Our CNC tube bending services are widely used for the manufacture of structures such as canopies, grab rails, marquee profiles, stair lifts, curtain tracks, overhead tracks for hospital or home use and for many other applications.

We can achieve bespoke bending results using numerical data which enable us to form curves of different radii using sheets of various thicknesses. As a result, we can produce relatively complex structures which are extremely precise within a very short time. This way, tube or pipe profiles can be bent without being deformed.

CNC bending is a cost effective, accurate and highly repeatable process. Our expert designers and technical teams, working collaboratively with our machining staff can come up with innovative solutions tailored to your individual needs.

We also provide stretch forming and flow forming services. Stretch forming involves simultaneous stretching and bending of the sheet metal to produce a contoured piece. On the other hand, flow forming entails the creation of cylindrical work-piece by clamping the metal against a rotating mandrel and stretching it with rollers.

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