All New 2018 Nissan Kicks: Clubs the Benefits of SUV in a Compact Car

If you were jittery to get yourself Small SUVs most probably because they are generally too expensive and do not have the desired practicality, then today you have an option from Nissan. The 2018 year has witnessed a vehicle that has left no scope for grumbles against the conventional SUVs. At a right price, the vehicle gets you the right volume of cabin and room for cargo, laid in a style that can be customized to your own taste. All this made a great appeal to buyers who were waiting for such a combination.

Here is a brief reflection on the benefits that one can enjoy by owning the Nissan Kicks.

The Drive

As informed by the Salinas Nissan dealer, the Kick is till now available with only one powertrain, the one which gushes out a 125-horsepower, from a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine making 115 pounds-feet of torque. All this gets support from a continuously variable automatic transmission. From the driver’s angle Kicks feels surprisingly light, in all its trim levels. Thanks to the weight that doesn’t cross 2,700 pounds.

The pleasure of driving a Nissan Kicks continues with loads of pleasant moments including its cornering ability and the dynamic control features that works on an Active Trace and Ride Control, to make the drivers feel better when the ARC uses the throttle. The brakes on the other side help in minimizing body pitch when driving on uneven bumps and potholes. Though not a sports car, yet the Kicks remains composed during sharp turns and edges.

Apart from these, the aspect that can’t be ignored is the driver’s seat that has the right position with the right amount of visibility. The windshield and the side windows are tall and huge to provide great sightlines, while the roofline of the car is placed 4 to 5 inches above from the eyeline.

The Interior

When we talk about interiors, the roominess in Kicks is the first thing to notice. Like any other Nissan vehicle it does provide the best-in-class front headroom and even the legroom. The same continues in the backseat as well without any compromise with a gap of 3 or 4 inches allowed in between the heads and the headliner.

The high windows push the Kicks higher in its class in terms of the interior size and volume. The cargo room behind the seats is a huge 25.3 cubic feet leaving the Honda HR-V (24.3 cubic feet) behind.

Technology Cluster

As added to the list by the Salinas Nissan dealers, the Nissan Kicks has not compromised in ushering any Technology support. Starting from a standard 7-inch touchscreen display, the Kicks incorporate three USB ports, another up front and sprinkled two in the center console in between the front seats.

Nissan comes with a premium Bose audio system that comes as a part of the Premium Package that plays your favorite tracks with a set of speakers near the head restraint of the driver.

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