Advantages Of Modern-Day Suvs

The SUVs of today are very different from the ones being made a few decades ago. Although the sports utility vehicle (SUV) is a relatively new invention, it is a very popular vehicle with many thousands of models being sold around the world. The SUV is designed for all kinds of activities from towing to off-road driving. There are several advantages of driving in modern SUVs.

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Cargo Space

The SUV is designed with more space than a regular coupe or sedan. Space is one of the most desirable qualities in a vehicle. Everyone needs space to move around and carry heavy gear. Every time you go out for a special event, you will need to have enough space to bring food, patio chairs or sports equipment.

No Rollovers

Some people who drive SUVs are constantly worried about rollovers. They avoid the rugged roads and inclined paths that could lead to danger. The reality is that people in the past used to be worried. In the past decade, SUV manufacturers have made significant improvements in their safety features. They are making wider SUV models with heavier tires and better traction control.

Few people have time to visit the hospital because of a rollover that happens suddenly. Now, when you drive a modern SUV on a rugged, rocky path, the vehicle hugs the path and does not roll over on it.


People mainly buy SUVs to use as storage for their heavy gear and equipment. Athletes need the cargo space to carry around their equipment, and skiers need the space for their long skis and snowy shoes.

After you consider all of the hauling you do inside, think of the towing you need to do outside. You may need to tow a car out of the mud or attach your own vehicle to a tree. You may need to tow a trailer with a boat or construction equipment. There are many reasons why a vehicle that tows well is one to keep.

Every SUV is designed to take weight and that means pull-weight. Some models are better at others when it comes to pulling hundreds of pounds in weight. You need a 4WD for towing because it is more even and sturdy on the ground. The four-wheel drive itself is specially designed for off-road racing. When you include these features in a regular SUV, you get a vehicle that dominates the terrain.


With all of the extra weight, it seems that the SUV is sluggish when it is not. Find a vehicle with an automatic transmission and multiple speeds for interactive driving. When you drive around in the outdoors, you need total control over the speed.

The SUV has gone through many changes to make the designs better. There is more space, more speed controls, and fewer threats of rollovers. The 4WD version is the best one if you like venturing into the outdoors. Regardless of where you want to drive, you will get there in the right kind of SUV.

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