A Special foTaxi Servicer Getting Around Town and Beyond

Driving to work, going on holiday, and doing some shopping are all basic tasks that most of us take for granted. Indeed, most of us simply hop in the car and drive where we need to go without a second thought. Of course, many people who are disabled don’t have this luxury. They will be unable to get around town on their own without assistance.

A Better Kind of Taxi Service

The good news is that Dorchester taxis can help. Some taxi companies actually provide special taxi services for those who are not fortunate enough to be able to get around without some help. Just imagine, for a moment, the difficulty that many disabled people might have with regular taxis. Problems may include:

  • A regular-sized taxi vehicle would be too small and cramped to accommodate a wheelchair or other mobility device.
  • Many taxi drivers are untrained in dealing with people who have disabilities.

Fortunately, some taxi services actually specialise in transporting people who are unable to get around on their own without help. The taxis in these services are larger, custom-made vehicles that are more accommodating of those with wheelchairs and other mobility devices and those for whom regular taxis are not comfortable.

Getting Around with Professional Help

These special taxi services can help people to get to the shops, get across town, and even go on holiday. The companies understand the needs of people for whom regular taxis are not appropriate due to their physical needs.


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