A Guide to having a Motorcycle Restored

How many of us have the remnants of a once magnificent motorcycle in the garage? Just sat there, unwanted and unloved, merely a memento confined to the annals of our memory … Ah, Happy days!

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be; so, stop being a sentimental Wally and get your bike and your life back on the road!

It doesn’t have to be a classic Triumph, Norton or BMW, it could just as easily be a Japanese wonder, a Yamaha Fsie or a Honda dream. Indeed anything from a Mike Hailwood replica to a Garelli moped.

Imagine what the bike looked like back in the day. A real head-turner, or possibly head-shaker, a work of art, a status symbol or perhaps just darn good fun.

Time to relive those memories, get it out and get it restored whist you still remember what day of the week it is.


  • Restoration and frustration!


Well, of course most restoration jobs do not call for a massive rebuild of a derelict masterpiece. Ever dropped a bike? More than likely you have. Quite frankly you feel like a right pillock, and to add insult to injury, that well-polished tank is scratched and dented. Ever cried? More than likely you have.

Inevitably, a motorcycle will suffer some form of damage or another in its lifetime, whether that be the result of flying chippings, pheasants of the odd annoying ‘accident’.

All those little dents, chips and scrapes serve to devalue and tarnish your motorcycle Rembrandt. You’ll gradually loose interest and succumb evermore frequently to the welcoming arms of red wine, chocolates and television.

Don’t go there, remember it’s better to burn out than fade away!


  • Do it yourself (?)


Yes, of course you could give it a go, there are products and no doubt spare parts available. But, do you recall what happened to that set of shelves you put up last year? Exactly!

OK, you may have the expertise but most of us don’t. A botched job will do nothing for your bike’s self-esteem or your street cred. Find someone who specialises in motorcycle restoration.

A company with a bundle of credentials and testimonials.


  • Recommendations


A company recommended by someone who has first-hand experience of good service is a company that will probably deliver for you too. Surf online and try to find one that ticks all the boxes.

Or, you could cut to the chase and take my recommendation as a seasoned biker.

There are many highly competent restoration companies but none better than White’s Bodyworks. This is a well-established business with an impeccable reputation for quality of workmanship.

This is a company that only employs the best of the best; knowledgeable, professional, helpful and bike-mad. White’s Bodyworks know how to work within a customer’s personal budget, they’ll give free advice, guidance and a most competitive price estimate before going ahead.

White’s Bodyworks, check out their website now.

Get those mirrored shades out of the cupboard and … look out world!

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