3 Considerations for Repairing or Replacing Windscreens 1

When a windscreen gets damaged, you need to decide whether to repair or replace it. Not replacing a damaged windscreen can be dangerous, so here are three pointers for deciding if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Size of Damage

The size of the crack or chip will help determine if it can be safely repaired. A chip in the windscreen, larger than a 2 pence coin or a crack more than 8 centimetres long, should be replaced. If the damage is repairable, it should be done right away to keep the crack or chip from getting worse as you drive the vehicle.

Location of Damage

If a windscreen is damaged in the line of the driver’s sight, then it may need to be replaced. However, if it is a small chip or crack, and the repair is done right away by a company offering windscreen services in Staffordshire, then it should be okay to drive. However, if the repair company feels the repair will distort the glass too much, they will recommend replacing the windscreen.

A windscreen with damage at the top edge or side of the window frame will probably be replaced no matter the size of the damage. For one, it is in a difficult location to repair and the damage could have broken the seal of the windscreen. When the seal is broken, the windscreen could fly off the car, if further jostled or if the damage gets worse.

Onsite Repairs

Many companies offering windscreen services will replace or repair it where you are, if you are within a certain radius of their business. This prevents you from driving and causing further damage to the glass if it is repairable.

Most companies will provide estimates for your insurance company if the damage requires the glass to be replaced instead of repaired.

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