3 Benefits Of Choosing To Recondition Your Gearbox Rather Than Buy a New One. 1

We love our cars in the UK and you will see us out on the weekends washing and polishing them in an attempt to make them look good. We do succeed, but it isn’t how the car looks, but what’s going on under the bonnet and under the car that is important. You can clean your car all day, every day, but if it doesn’t start or it can’t move, then it is no good to anybody. Two of the major things that can go wrong with your car are the engine and the gearbox and without one, the other doesn’t function.

If your gearbox does break down, it is expensive to buy a new one, but there is local gearbox reconditioning in Romford to help you to save money and get your car back on the road. Reconditioning the gearbox offers a number of advantages.

  1. All the parts in the gearbox are checked thoroughly to check for wear and tear. Any parts that show that they might lead to failure are omitted and replaced.
  2. When you get a full recondition to your gearbox, it will come with a short term warranty and this helps give you peace of mind for future driving.
  3. Reconditioning the gearbox is a much cheaper alternative to buying a new one and when the worn parts are replaced, you are getting, a good as new gearbox back and installed as well.

A broken gearbox is not the end of the world as reconditioning it is a viable alternative to having to buy a brand new one which would be very expensive.

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